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Innovate at scale: Tooap’s enterprise-ready solution

Our innovation management platform is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for large enterprises, revolutionizing the way innovation is approached. The collaborative environment enables for seamless idea generation and project management, all within a fully digitalized process with extensive partner portfolio tracking.

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1. Digital service design

Design Sprint allows you to co-build solutions to meet the challenges of your innovative company » Service Design

2. App prototype

Let's create a digital service that makes sense to your users » Prototyping my App

3. Focus Groups

De-risk your innovation process through a series of tests.» Test your product

Step up your game
with Design Thinking

We  partner with companies & incubators willing to innovate. Our experts carry out dedicated programs and workshops to adapt to the needs of your business: Design Sprint, training, reconnection with your users, prototyping.


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Yann CHOMIS - Service Design & IT

Laurent MICHEAU - Service Design

Pauline GAYOT - Maker hardware & IOT

Jean-Paul ROBERT - Maker IOT

Celena - Service Design

Victor - Software Engineer

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