Innovation management platform, for large enterprises

Innovation management platform, for large enterprises

Innovation management platform, for large enterprises

✓ A collaborative platform for managing ideas and projects.

✓ Structure the innovation process of your company.

✓ Engage employes in innovation via the Ideation Portal.

✓ Responsive partners through easy to use Secret Channels.

✓ A method to create value at scale.

With Tooap, enhance your company’s innovation capabilities.


Generate and manage new ideas to address your company’s challenges.

Transform ideas into solution-focused projects. The platform streamlines the ideation process. Capture, evaluate, and prioritize ideas from anyone inside or outside your organization.

Easily map and manage your partner portfolios.

Managing your relationships with startups, suppliers, venture capital investors, or universities has never been easier. Easily build a unified and qualified database with all the information you need about companies, individuals, or projects.

Manage your innovative projects by department.

A centralized and intuitive view of innovative projects, fostering effective collaboration between teams. A systematic method for managing projects based on the Design Sprint methodology.

3 simple offers for innovation directors

190 € / month
Collaborate on new ideas with members of your Non-profit org.
Generate and prioritize new ideas
Idea management: listing, qualification, evaluation
Idea creation form: easily collect ideas throughout your company
Contact management
Portal: collaborative ideation platform
5 channels
2 teams
25 users included
Additional user €4/month / user
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starts at 850€ / month
Collaborative Innovation Management
Partner & Startup Portfolio Management
Project Management
Identifying innovative solutions using channels
Data-driven innovation strategy analysis
Portal: collaborative Ideation platform
Dedicated Cloud instance
10 channels
4 teams
500 users included
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Premium Service & Support
Enhanced administration and support
Priority support SLA in 4 hours
Authentification with Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0
Unlimited channels
Unlimited teams
Unlimited users
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Contact us to learn more about our tailored offerings for large enterprises. Missing a specific feature? We offer custom development. Innovation management trainings are available in video, virtual, or in-person formats. Packaged offers are billed annually, request a quote for more information.

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✓ Generate and prioritize innovative ideas

Orchestrate ideation campaigns within your company, leveraging internal skills and industry expertise to better anticipate future developments. Transform your ideas into tangible results through a seamless process, from problem identification to concrete solutions. Our platform breaks down barriers between ideas and project launches, fostering optimal collaboration.

✓ Identification of Innovative Solutions

In the face of time constraints and the challenge of selecting startup partners, Tooap streamlines the prospecting and identification of ideal partners.

Initiate external challenges for tailored solutions and benefit from automated qualification enriched with the latest information.

✓ Manage Your Portfolio of Innovative Partners Centralize Your Innovation Partnerships

Create a single source of truth to easily manage your innovation partnerships. Say goodbye to data loss and confusion.

Optimize Your Portfolio Management

Bid farewell to time-consuming reports. With Tooap organized data structure, spend more time innovating and less time generating reports. Avoid misunderstandings and promote collaboration by building a shared innovation framework. With Tooap, establish a common understanding of your partners for seamless collaboration.

✓ Collaborative Project Management Addressing Project Management Challenges

Is the dispersion of projects within your organization causing issues? Without a centralized global view, redundant efforts can arise, leading to time and money losses. Let Tooap assist you in maintaining control.

Clarify Next Steps: In a large organization, navigation can be complex, leaving room for missed opportunities and wasted potential. With Tooap, provide clear processes and guidance to your teams, empowering them to take action and promote innovation.

Secure Innovation, the winning duo of CIOs & managers : The close collaboration between CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and innovation managers is crucial for the smooth deployment of the Tooap innovation management platform. CIOs focus on the secure configuration of access rights, thus establishing a reliable framework. In close collaboration with innovation managers and Tooap’s expertise, they understand specific needs in terms of access and data security.

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