Managers & Developers, Working in a web agency as freelancer

Managers & Developers, Working in a web agency as…

You feel close to the values ​​of our company, tooap recruits two main profiles : The Project Manager advises the customer, realizes the specifications, and ensures the production. Digital Creators are Software Developers, Digital Marketers / Communicators and Designers / Graphic Designers.
Tooap is developing a new way of working together : the freelance agency. We re-invent the work of freelancers, to bring a quality of service superior to the end customer and a quality of life at work superior to the freelancers.

The advantages of working for Tooap are many :

  • Marketing and payments are no longer to manage, your workflow is improved, the customer relationship is facilitated, you enjoy the fame of Tooap and our current customers.
  • You reduce the risk of failure of your own company.

Tooap recruits two main profiles of freelancers. Our selection process is rigorous, because the goal of Tooap is the quality of service.

The Project Manager advises the client, realizes the specifications, and ensures the production. He is organised in his work and familiar with the concept of business process. He has ideally worked in an ISO 9001 company. To apply, make sure to write a brief cover letter in the description field and put a link to your Linkedin. This letter should emphasize your experience of at least 2 years in the organization and management of digital projects. The customer relationship is of course an important aspect.

Project Manager

The Digital Creators are software developers, digital marketers / communicators and designers / graphic designers.
To apply, be sure to write a cover letter in the description field. The letter must highlight the very good level of control of your achievements (portfolio). Including a link to your achievements on the sites as freelancers or your website is important.

Developer / Marketer / Communicator / Designer / Graphic Designer